demons are playing the ‘annie’ soundtrack in my head

not really, although it feels like that.
my eldest daughter is going to be in a play this week, so she’s been learning her lines and all of the songs.  the way she’s done this is to play the music over and over and over …
i want to be a supportive and understanding dad, but it’s difficult when a cacophony of pre-pubescent sopranos keep telling me
"IT’S A HARD KNOCK LIFE <clang clang> FOR US <clang clang>"
By the way, said daughter is scary smart.  We went to go see a local production of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" the other night.  A few minutes after the play started, she turns to me and says "I don’t understand what they’re saying".  I tell her "concentrate on what they’re saying for a little while and it will all make sense.  This is the way people talked in 16th century England".  A few minutes later, she asks me "what did oberon just say?".  I answer "who?".  She says "the lord of the fairies".  I say "who?".  At that point she gives up on me and begins asking her grandmother for help.  that means she’s both smart and pragmatic, like her mom.

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