paddle paddle paddle

spent the last few days up at kris’ parent’s cabin in northern wisconsin.  nice time – the pace is a bit different than we’re used to.
i dusted off the family canoe and took it for several hour-long excursions chasing loons and herons on the lake.  it was calm enough out there for me to brave taking my camera along too.  there were two loons that would bob around on our end of the lake.  they’d surface for a bit, and i’d clumsily try to take a couple of pictures.  then they’d go under for some foos, leaving me guessing as to where they’d come up next.  repeat 12x, and that’s half a canoe ride.  after a while i’d give up and paddle over to a state-owned island, where i could count on seeing a heron.  i’d try unsuccessfully to sneak up on the big bird, but pretty soon he’d get wise to me and flap over to the far reaches of the lake.  then i might noodle over the lilypads a while.
riveting, no?
i took the kids out a couple of times too.  they seemed to enjoy this in small doses, as long as their uncle wasn’t terrifying them in the water by acting like a sea monster.
saturday, i was paddling around  looking for my friends the loons when they started calling out.  i stopped paddling, closed my eyes and just listened.  for that brief moment, there were no speedboats, no jetskis, just the sound of the water and the loons.  magic.
don’t understand why people want to crap up a nice time like that with a bunch of noisy machinery.

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