back from mosquito country

flew back to seattle the other night.  very nice to be home.  our trip was mostly relaxing, and the flights were nicely uneventful.
as things turned out, the weather in the midwest was really nice.  it got warm some days, but not ‘collapse into a pool of sweat’ type of warm.  we enjoyed some nice visits with people too.
it’s nice when the kids get to reconnect with their cousins there.  so far, they’re able to pick up where they left off previously.  i wonder if/when that stops.
dad’s birthday was last night.  we had a great dinner at his favorite vegetarian restaurant.  my brother flew up from SF this week – it’s been nice seeing him too.
getting ready for a long (hopefully 26 mile) run tomorrow.  may go to the watershed, or i may run from home out to there, and suck it up on the hills.  oy.

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