the last two weeks before a marathon are all about trying to stay healthy.  i might have blown it today.
i went out for an easy 3 1/2 mile run after work.  it was just was the doctor ordered – a way to stretch out a bit and enjoy the fading sunshine.  i did a loop i hadn’t done in months.  there’s a steady uphill of about a mile, and a nice 1/2 mile stretch along a trail.  as i ran along the trail i kicked a bit harder than usual, and ended up flat on my face in the dirt.
okay – head fine, ribs fine, knees fine.  got up and tried to run but couldn’t.  i think i may have sprained the big toe on my left foot.  i hope i didn’t, that it’s more minor.  right now, i can’t walk on that foot without tensing it.  it will definitely crap up my mechanics, assuming i can even push off on that foot.
looks like at least two or three days of rest before i’ll know much more.  sure would stink if i can’t run in utah.

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