on my feet again

turf toe is what i got the other day when i face-planted while running.  essentially i sprained my left big toe.  i’ve been holding my breath, hoping it got better quickly – because at first it hurt a lot – almost too much to walk.
kris mentioned the injury to her chiro the other day, who then suggested that i get in to see an orthopedist post-haste.  i did so, but by the time the appointment rolled around i was already miuch better.  so the discussion with the doctor was more talking about running (he’s a fast miler).
so in a fit of irrationality, i took off for a 90 min run on cougar mtn while driving back from the doc.  it was really nice, but probably not altogether wise.  the toe flared up a bit while i was out, but i was able to manage it.  i’ll go for an easy 6-7 tomorrow, but opt out of the mile repeats i was planning.
feel pretty lucky about this.  apparently some cases of turf toe waylay you for months.

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