rest up?

i’d told myself that after the race in utah i’d rest up – maybe take a week off of running.  i had the same problem after new orleans in feb though – i’m just too ‘up’ to rest.  also the weather here in seattle has been great.  you just can’t let that opportunity go by.
tonight i went running with some of my eastside runner friends.  this crowd is called the ‘bashers’ (don’t know why).  they tend to be mostly masters runners, a bit older than i, and pretty fast too.  i like running with them because they push me harder than i anticipate running.  tonight was no exception.
we did about 5 miles.  we started out slowly enough, but by the time we were running in, we were porbably going at about a 7:20-7:30 pace.  my right ankle and calf were pretty well cooked.  so i really should rest now, or i’ll have to anyway.
beyond running …
have gone through a bunch of the pictures i took in utah.  for someone who takes so many pictures, i don’t think i have a very good yield.  i probably took about 800-900 pictures last week – most of them experiments with different exposire values, and camera features like bracketing that i hadn’t used very much.  there wasn’t a whole lot else to do in logan, and it was a lot of fun.  but a lot of the pictures were kinda throwaways. 
out of these many experiments came some nice photos too.  i mostly used my new 105 mm macro lens, and my 18-70 midrange lens.  other than shooting pics at the usu volleyball game, i mostly kept the 70-200 f2.8 lens holstered.  i found myself looking for ways to use the new lens that were fun.  not sure the results have tons of artistic merit, but i’m posting some of them as a photo album here.  let me know what you think – particularly if you’ve got some constructive criticism.

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