republicans : the party of pedophiles, torture, money laundering, and xenophobia

gotta vent.
this whole business about mark foley – FL rep who was repeatedly caught trying to hit on underage pages has me thinking.
what’s the prevelent discussion about now?  well – it’s about whether or not speaker dennis hastert will ultimately get to keep his job.  talk about missing the point.  i mean – who can listen to hastert’s rambling, incoherent, disgusting defense of ignoring foley’s actions?  why is this even a conversation?
fire him.  kick him out.  he let us down in so many ways.  we deserve better.  
think about hastert’s line of defense : "they (abc news, democratic operatives) want to see this all blow up".  he’s telling us that – even though he basically aided and abetted a pedophile by turning a blind eye (as the catholic church has done for predatory priests) – we should be more interested in the motives of the people reporting the facts.
meanwhile – the republican agenda is erecting fences to keep people from coming to work here, firing up the masses about "islamo-facism", defending senators and congressman who have been observed funnelling soft money for personal gain, asserting the right to torture POWs, hiring well-connected new college grads without finance backgrounds to restart the iraqi stock exchange, offering no-bid contracts to the same company that the vp ceo’d until he ascended to power, and actively working to remove your civil liberties every day.
if you voted for this mess – are you happy with how things have worked out?
if you plan to vote for it again – shame on you.  really.

One response to “republicans : the party of pedophiles, torture, money laundering, and xenophobia

  • gj

    I have actually heard of Republicans who are ashamed they voted for this mess, and are no longer Republicans.  But of course there is till the 33 % who view the President favorably.  (shrugs)    the party of Morality.  yeah, right. 

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