and another thing … or two …

last month our hometown monthly paper (usually bit of fluff devoted to real estate ads, notices for neighborhood bbqs, and gripes about zoning) published an editorial calling for the impeachment of gwb.  prompted several thoughts :
– how many real estate ads did they bump to publish this?
– can’t wait to read the letters to the editor next month.
now that next month is here, i can say that the letters to the editor did not disappoint.  60% said "right on!  what a great paper you are".  40% said "sedicious creeps like you ought to move to havana.  or tikrit.  or both".
i didn’t bother reading the "right on!" letters.  had trouble parsing some of the assertions of sedition.  do people understand that part of what we’re ostensibly fighting for is the right to intelligent discourse, rather than throwing our dissidents out or into jails.  perhaps the best answer to them is "well – the last administration let you stay when your party actively worked to overthrow the government".
not sure how to respond, other than open mockery.

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