ramping back up again

on a positive note – had a spendid 21+ mile run yesterday.  started out under chilly overcast skies, finished under partial sun.  managed to focus on good cedence, a positive attitude, and low hr.  each time the hr would creep up, i’d will it down a bit.  that’s the way it felt anyway.  i averaged only 146 on a run that included rolling hills and about 1500′ of ascent.
looks like we’re training for the tucson marathon.  kris wants to bq, and tucson looks like a great place to do it – all downhill, moderate temps.
it’d feel like cheating, but i’ve done some tough uphill races too (whidbey and deadwood come to mind, as do a host of shorter runs).  anyway, i’m also weighing the valley of fire marathon in nevada – one of those tough uphill courses (about 2000′ of gain, all in the first 16 miles).  the really crazy idea was to do that one as a training run for tucson.
not sure what i’ll decide yet, but will keep doing long runs with hills to make sure i’m ready for anything.
finished reading karnazes’ ultramarathon man yesterday.  he’s crazy.  also a bit narcissistic – the more introspective parts of the book were a bit annoying.  i enjoyed reading about his ultra distance races – some of them were white-knuckle rides.  found out that he and i both attended cal poly slo too.

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