east coast, west coast

spent last week on business in nyc.  it was a nice gig.  i was interviewing students at columbia university, and staying in a nice smaller hotel on the upper west side.  the last few times i’ve gone, i’ve eschewed the big corporate hotels in favor of these smaller places – and have really been happier.
i was on 81st st, right across from the museum of natural history, one block from central park, and around the corner from the subway.  very convenient.
things i did (besides working) :
  • ran around central park, including a number of faster laps around the reservoir.
  • ate at an excellent vegetarian korean restaurant in gramercy park.
  • went to the top of the empire state building at night.
  • saw the mets lose a playoff game at shea to the st louis cardinals.  nothing like seeing a game in seattle – much more intense.  rode the subway to and from too – other than having to wait around for the train, that was pretty fun too.
  • saw a broadway show.
  • enjoyed some great margaritas at a place on 7th ave.
  • went to moma – twice!
  • visited friends and family.

while i love living in the northwest – i also loved the easy access to cultural stuff.  you could spend weeks there, and not visit the same museum twice.  there’s a great selection of plays to see at half price.  and the culinary options are great too.  nyc would be a great place to live on an unlimited budget.  i also remember it being a great place to live as a kid – sort of like being at the center of the universe.  perhaps every kid feels like that, but being able to experience such a range of cultures, ideas, and people isn’t something you can do in the suburbs.

it’s good to be home with kris and the kids, but i had a blast back east.


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