on temporary solo parenting

kris left for minnesota today, off to visit family and friends and to attend her high school reunion.  the girls and i are on our own for the next five days, until she returns on sunday night.
on the one hand, i’m really looking forward to having time alone with them, especially after being gone myself last week.  on the other hand – holy crap there’s a lot of stuff going on.  today was an easy day.  i dropped them off at school just before nine, then had to leave around two to help out with kayla’s girls on the run group (more on that later).  i spent about 90 minutes running around with the 8-11 year-old girls, then packed kayla up to go pick rachel up at extended day care at the school.  then we picked some dinner up, and headed home to watch the mets beat the cardinals.  so – not too many places to go, but only a half day of work.
a more typical day involves either girls on the run or taikwando for kayla, and at least one appointment for rachel, perhaps swimming lessons too.  now kayla’s beginning rehearsals for a christmas play with a local kid’s theater company.  don’t know how this is all going to work, and i sure am glad i don’t have to do it myself.
about girls on the run … this is a great pre-teen program for girls that helps them learn to make good choices about food, drugs, and alcohol, helps bolster their self-esteem, and helps them develop enthusiasm for an active, healthy lifestyle.  this afternoon we played some games and ran some laps.  i left kayla to be with her friends (she seems to have a lot of them in the group), and ran with some of the girls i hadn’t met before.  i introduced galloway rule #1 for running – that you had to bring stories or a joke, because running’s supposed to be fun.  well-  we had a blast!  we traded stories (some of them in german!) for about two miles, and exchanged high-fives all around when we finished.  it was a great experience for me – we did a little bit of walking, had a lot of fun, and ran pretty well.  the girls i ran with probably did about a 10-11 min/mile pace when running – not bad at all!

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