willful ignorance should be a crime

on the way in to work this morning, i drove past our state senator (no names here, don’t want to give him any more publicity) as he campaigned near a busy freeway onramp.  he was dressed pretty nicely for a guy breathing exhaust fumes on a foggy 30 degree morning.
as i drove by, i wondered how he could smile and wave after :
– voting against extending anti-discrimination protection to gay citizens.
– supporting "defense of marriage" bills and efforts in washington and nationwide.
– voting to limit stem-cell research in washington state.
– supporting a "stay the course" approach in iraq.
apparently he’s not afraid to go out on a limb in the interests of protecting intellectual property interests … sponsoring a bill making it a crime to take a hand-held video camera into a movie theater.  if he calls that the centerpiece of his interest in technology and ip law, he should be embarrassed.
also – he tells us that "his background as a catholic is as much of what he brings to the legislature as his law degree".  but we can surmise that by examining his voting record.
think about it.  he opposes equitable application of the law to citizens who just happen to be gay.  he opposes some of the most progressive and promising forms of medical research, and lacks enough common sense to recognize a failed foreign policy even when it’s killing his constituents (not to mention 50-100 iraqis per day, not counting the ones our troops are killing too).  but try to make a very low-grade copy of an entertainment property, and he’ll draw the line there!
interestingly, none of his positions on the issues above are featured prominently on his campaign website.  i guess he’s a bit embarrassed about his voting record and past public statements, given that it’s pretty out of step with his district.  here’s a pretty good article about the stark differences in the two candidates :
make sure to vote this coming tuesday … as we’ve seen in the past several state and federal elections, every one of them matters.

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