equal rights applied equally

woke up this morning and had a brief scare.  read online that 10 people had been shot at the halloween party in the castro district in sf.  i knew my brother and his boyfriend had gone to this party before, but didn’t know whether they’d gone last night.  against my better judgment i waited until the civil hour of 8:30 before calling to make sure they were okay.  it took a little while to reach them, but yes – they’re fine.  apparently they’ve stopped going because there’s been trouble before. 
apparently the festivities have drawn gay-bashers the past few years.  kind of takes the fun out of what was apparently a big, fun, and pretty irreverant party.
so what does this have to do with equal rights?  everything.
there are plenty of people in the world who don’t believe that civil rights extend to everyone.  some of them carry gun, knives, and blunt objects.  some of them wield pens and enact legislation.  the more these well-dressed folk reenforce the notion that we don’t need to afford equal protection under the law to everyone, the more they make it okay to abuse those unprotected civil rights.
passive complicity is an ugly and inexcusable thing.

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