dave reichert : petty tyrant

story showed up in today’s seattle p-i (and apparently the usa today too).  short version :
– school bus stuck in traffic watching president’s motorcade.
– 8th district congressman dave reichert is riding along with president.
– bus driver makes eye contact with president, flips president off.
– president remarks "that one’s not a fan" to reichert.
– embarrassed, and apparently mortified too, reichert phones school district superintendent and makes sure driver is fired.
– reichert brags to an audience of supporters that he did this, leading them to believe that he was behind the firing.
everyone agrees on the first part of the story.  the timeline and content of reichert’s phone call to the issaquah school superintendent is disputed.  the driver, a single mom, was indeed fired.  several things are clear to me.
the driver exercised poor judgment.  her political statement (while amusing to me) was a pretty crude political statement to make.  doing this while on the job was also a poor choice.  doing this in the presence of students was also a poor choice.
also – dave reichert is a small small person for asking the district to fire the driver.  he’s an even smaller person for bragging about it.  i expect people in positions of authority to exercise more measured judgment than this.  what does he think the folks who aren’t synchophants to hear?
i hear that he’s afraid of dissent, insecure about his position of authority when challenged, and that if you embarrass this congressman, he’ll get you back.

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