time off for pain and suffering

so the knee pain i’ve had now for about five weeks isn’t getting much better.  i’ve been seeing a chiropractor, who’s been doing active release on it – the pain moves around (hamstring, it band, quad) but doesn’t go away.  worse, when i try airing it out on a run, it gets significantly worse.  if i take a day between runs, i can more or less hold the pain level steady, but it doesn’t go away.
coincidentally, today an article ran in the seattle post-intelligencer about running.  it included a couple of pictures taken during last sunday’s training run with a local group of maniacs on the preston-snoqualmie trail.  they interviewed a couple of us for it, so i got to hold forth a bit on how much i love running – and then complain about my injury (fortunately they didn’t print my whining).
they did however print my assertion that running is good for those of us not good at skill sports, like basketball.  this is what i apparently said :
"It’s a sport that rewards perseverance and planning, and us old people tend to be better at that," said David, who ran his first marathon at 34. ‘It’s about the same time we stop being good at skill sports like basketball.’ " 
i imagine i’m going to get some grief about running because i’m not good at anything else.  that’s not what i meant at all.  i’ve never been good at basketball!
oh well – the pictures were pretty good.

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