another side of the marathon

i helped course marshal during the seattle marathon and half yesterday.  it was a lot of fun, despite being very cold and miserable outside.  i got a kick out of seeing the race from a completely different perspective.  we were at the 9 (half) or 22 (full) mile marker, so by then you could surmise what kind of a race folks were having.  we were also just after the worst of the hills, so some people were still hurting from the climbs.
the highlight for me was seeing someone on my team at work doing her first half.  she looked like she was feeling it, but mustered a smile and a steady jog when i called out to her.
other friends did well too, including several cohorts from the infamous seattle pi picture.  the folks that ran, all managed strong marathon efforts, ranging from a 3:26 (hi john!) to 3:52 (may doing perhaps her 5th race in 2 months).
great energy out there.  but it was easily the coldest i’ve been in a long time.  temperature was in the high 30s to mid 40s, with steady rain.  very penetrating.  would have been much nicer to have been running.

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