december 17th : vodka martinis for the american guys please


After relaxing for while, I went down to meet Viresh for drinks and dinner.  We had some great vodka martinis at the Sheraton, and then ate a delicious Lebanese dinner at the Meridian.  There were Egyptian folk dancers performing during dinner, which was alternatingly loud and fun.  Viresh is headed out to the coast tomorrow – first to Hurgada via convoy, then a ferry to Sharm el Sheikh .  He’s planning on heading to St Katherine’s Monastery to climb Mt Sinai as well – I’m a bit jealous.

One thing I’ve enjoyed about traveling with Viresh is that he likes to get out away from the tourist bubble.  I’ve taken a couple of walks through the city of Luxor with him now, places which probably see fewer than a dozen tourists a week – which is saying a lot for this town.  It’s something being the only white European face around – gives you something to think about.  That said, people have been very nice – and when I’m not being hassling to buy something, I’ve been pretty comfortable around town.

Wow – lots of walking today, some of it up steep hills (really enjoyed that mountain trail walk over the Valley of the Kings.


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