seattle – brrrrr!

Arrived home yesterday afternoon, following 20 hours of travel.  Fantastic to be here!
Flights were pretty uneventful.  I was very happy indeed that I hadn’t been able to rebook via London, as Heathrow has been socked in and largely closed for two days.  I don’t know when I would have gotten home.  Instead I passed a very quiet three hours in downtown Amsterdam.  There’s not a lot going on at 8 in the morning there – none of the museums are open, nor the "shop windows".  And frankly, there’s not much for me to do in one of the coffeeshops, so I just kind of walked around.
Slept a few hours on the flights too.  The Cairo flight took off at 4:20 AM, so I’d been up all the night before.  Went direct from Amsterdam to Seattle, over the far northern reaches of Greenland and Canada.  Looked cold out there.  Business class is definitely the way to travel this far.  I ate pretty well, watched a couple of movies, and reclined far enough to sleep.  It’ll be hard to travel steerage class again after this.
Kris and the girls picked me up at the airport.  So good to see them again.  We went directly to Kayla’s Tae Kwan Do class, and then ate dinner at one of my current-favorite Chinese places nearby.  Being about 3 am for me, I was barely able to keep my eyes open – don’t remember when I’ve been so tired.  But when we finally got home, I curled up on the couch and watched the girls run around in their new Egyptian dresses and scarves, in front of the beautifully trimmed Christmas tree.  I think I was out by 7, and managed to sleep until about 4:45.  Not bad for quick readjustment. 
Next few days will be very busy.  We’re getting ready for a Christmas party on Saturday evening, so gotta clean the house up.  I’ve not done my shopping, and there’s always a bunch of stuff going on around Christmas too.
One minor gripe – it’s bloody cold here!  I’d acclimated to the mild Egyptian winter (50s at night, near 70 during the day).  But that’s a tradeoff I’ll definitely make.

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