another new year – and winter break is over

Another new year.  Passed the evening quietly with friends.  Kayla spent the night with her friends at Tae Kwan Do – which was fun for her.  Naturally everyone’s a bit brittle after a late night.
We spent a few days at the Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat last week.  As always, we did lots of eating and playing in the snow there, including some nice x-country skiing.  I’m finally getting to the point where I’m not completely incompetent on the skis – although I still look like an approaching train wreck.  X-country seems to tickle the same part of my brain that running does … it’s a good physical challenge, there’s time to tune out, and there’s great scenery.
The kids have a good time at the Sleeping Lady, because they always make new friends.  In the evenings people converge on the game room – playing foosball or ping pong, playing board games and doing puzzles.
School starts again tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure Kris is ready for the kids to go back, but I’m not really ready.  Missing that week of their winter break while I was away was a bummer.  I’d like some days with them that we could spend playing around in Seattle – Science Center, the Teahouse, the Aquarium, and things like that.  It feels like I went from egypt, rushed through Christmas, played in the snow, and now life’s going to go back to "normal" – I wouldn’t say this was very relaxing time.
On the other hand, there are worse complaints than life being too full.

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