a preemptive strike against poor musical taste

So, I’ve long held the opinion that you shouldn’t subject your kids to stuff you’re not willing to put up with yourself.  An obvious example of this is music.  When we’re in the car, we listen to my music – or at least music I’ve introduced the kids to.  Currently in vogue is the Beatles "mash-up" Love.  Purists will say it’s derivative and a sell-out.  Obviously yes, but the music’s still great, and the way George and Giles Martin remixed the tracks, and set up the transitions between the songs is pretty nice.
Side note about Love.  I saw the Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas when I was there in November.  It’s really good, but a very drunk guy was sitting next to me, and insisted on belting out the lyrics along with John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  Ug.
Anyway – the kids have really taken to the music.  Previously, they’d liked some of the tracks from the White Album – particularly Blackbird, Rocky Raccoon, and Mother Nature’s Son.  They also took to some of the tracks from Let it Be (Naked) – For You Blue, The Two of Us, and Across the Universe.  On the other hand, one can only listen to Eleanor Rigby, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and Yesterday so much.  But then on the other other hand, we’ve got this routine for I am the Walrus.  When the song goes "I am the egg man …. ooooooooo", we stop what we’re doing and give it a big flourish.  It’s guaranteed to inspire a big eye roll from my wife.  I can’t wait.
We’ve listened to all sorts of stuff together.  Right now the songs they seem to like a lot are the aforementioned Beatles tunes, as well as some Nat King Cole, some tracks from the Garden State soundtrack, some Coldplay, and the Wall of Voodoo cult classic Mexican Radio.  they’ve also enjoyed the Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, and even some old T. Rex.
None of these might be to your taste, but it’s gotta be better than listening to Hilary Duff.

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