still not running

I’m injured and not running now.  The problem is a likely stress fracture in my left leg.  Other than a 4 mile vanity run in Egypt, I’ve not run since Thanksgiving Day.  I’m working out on the elliptical trainer, recumbent bike, and stepmill as alternatives, but it’s pretty unsatisfying.
I was reminded this evening that it stinks to be injured.  While waiting to rent some x-country skis at REI, a woman I’d met at last year’s Sunflower Iron Event said "Hi!  Are you running the Fat Ass this weekend?".  Sigh.
The Fat Ass 25k is a really fun, and very challenging informal race on Tiger Mountain, traditionally held the first weekend of the year.  THe name comes from "get off your fat ass and run 25 or 50k of hills".  I’ve done the 25k event the past two years and had lots of fun.  Two years ago, I decided to do this at the last minute, and drove out to the mountain and found myself shivering in 28 degree, but dry weather.  My late friend Peter drove up just then, and made me jump when he said "wow – it’s cold out here!".  He was just making conversation of course – Peter had no trouble in the cold, and finished the 25k loop 15 minutes ahead of me.  I was okay for a while, but really struggled after trying to power up the hills (there is about 3700′ of climbing).  The race finishes with a wild romp down the West Tiger #3 trail.  I found myself trying to keep up with two young women who were in much better shape than I.  I stumbled through the gate at the finish, and climbed into my car and drove to a nearby coffee shop to get some warm liquids and carbs into my body. 
Still wearing my sweaty running clothes I sat down in a nice comfortable chair next to the fireplace, wolfed down two pieces of banana nut bread and promptly fell asleep with a cup of very hot tea balanced on my lap.  When I woke up sometime later (no idea how long I was out), I noticed  that people had cleared out of all of the seats around me.  I don’t know whether it was my appearance, or maybe the smell.  Whatever the reason, it’s a tried and true method of securing a good warm (and spacious) place to sit in a public place.
Anyway, the longer I’m hurt, the more fun runs I miss.  So far I’ve not run a marathon since September, and have missed out on the Seattle Marathon events, as well as the aforementioned Fat Ass, and (soon) Nookachamps too.  Crap.
Well – back at REI tonight, I wished Jeannie good luck and cursed my injury again.  It’s strange, but my leg feels fine about 80% of the time.  Just sitting here now though, the top left part of my tibia aches.  I’m concerned that as I keep active, I keep resetting my recovery clock.  It’s probably time to schedule a bone scan so I can confirm or deny the stress fracture diagnosis.

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