back to work?

Tomorrow is my first ‘official’ day back in the office since mid-December.  Mixed feelings.
On the one hand, there’s so much more I’d wanted to do outside work before diving back in.  They include :
  • Doing more things with the kids.
  • Doing more things with Kris.
  • Seeing the dead sea scrolls exhibit at the pacific science center (missed it, last day was today).
  • Getting up to the mountains more.
  • Taking more pictures.
  • Organizing pictures.
  • Fiddling with gadgets around the house.
  • Unpacking speakers and a/v equipment that’s been away since Feb.
  • Setting up weight equipment in the basement.
  • Spending more time cooking, particularly to try out more middle-eastern recipes I ran across in Egypt.

On the other hand, work’s been getting fun again.  So it’ll be good to get back to it.

I spent this morning doing one of the better workouts I’ve had in a while.  I went around on the weight routine I’ve had for a while, but notched the weights up a bit and pushed harder than in a long time.  This was both exhilerating and demoralizing.  I clearly have some more work to do before I’m feeling good about this again.  For the aerobic workout, I did the rowing machine for 20 min, then the bike for another 20.

Ordinarily I would imagine the rowing machine to be dead boring.  Other than getting a phenomenal upper body workout, there’s absolutely no fun involved.  There’s nothing to see, you can’t read, it’s hard to talk to someone else, etc.  Today I paid some attention to the metrics flashing up on the screen, and tried to push harder on the strokes/minute and time/500 m front.  I mixed in a couple of 2 minute intervals in which I worked hard enough to really get my heart going.  This also meant I was breathing loudly and being conspicuous in the amount of rowing machine noise I generated too.  I’d do that on the treadmill sometimes too, when I was doing speedwork.  You get some looks too – like you’re some kind of freak.  And you are really, puffing like a madman and spraying sweat in all directions when some of the other folks are going at a much more sane cadence.  It’s especially fun when you’re next to a person who’s wearing perfume/cologne, and is decked out in a fancy, expensive warmup suit that looks more comfortable for martinis on the back deck than working out.  Their look of concern, then horror is pretty fun.  Does this make me a bad person?  Maybe.

Anyway, I managed to entertain myself for the 20 minutes on the rowing machine, but don’t think I can really take too much of that.



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