x-country skiing adventure

I’ve gone to x-country ski these past four weekends, as a way of getting a nice long workout in.  I’m finally progressing beyond the train wreck stage, and can move a bit more efficiently.  It’s not pretty, but at least I have a bit more control over where I’m going.  Well – unless I’m trying to go downhill.
It’s definitely lots of fun.  I took Kayla up to Hyak yesterday, and got her an hour-long lesson so that she could learn some of the basics.  She’d been on skiis several times, when we went to the Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat these past two Christmases.  Naturally she had a great time, and made a friend. 
Her friend was a girl named Taylor, who was there with her mom.  Both of them were skiing for the first time.  We met them out on the trails after the lesson.  Taylor’s mom was trying to put an errant ski back on.  She was sitting in the snow, with her foot up in the air, trying to moosh her foot and the ski together.  I might have laughed, but I’d been in exactly the same place before, so I stopped to help.  The kids wanted to hang out together, so we ended up spending a while with them.  I spoke with Taylor’s mom, Ashley for a while.  She’s a single mom, a tax accountant, and is in the Army Reserve.  She was apparently in one of the first waves to have served in Iraq (she’s an MP).  I tried to wrap my mind around how deployment works for single parents, but couldn’t figure out a way that isn’t very very painful.  Ashley’s hoping that she’s not going to be deployed to Iraq again, but isn’t sure.  This whole war thing feels different when you encounter the people it affects directly (to say nothing of families who have lost someone there).
Back in the snow we had a great adventure though.  We did a nice 4k out and back, then threw snow clods for a while before heading back.  We were both a bit hungry, so ginormous burritoes at Chipotle were in order.  It’d be nice to do this semi-regularly, and maybe try some of the ungroomed trails around as well.

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