global warming? not in the northeastern US!

Just got back from a quick business trip to New York City.  I always enjoy going there, both to visit family, and to enjoy what the city has to offer. 
Sunday, I visited with my cousins in New Jersey and Connecticut.  Got to watch a couple of the kids’ basketball games.
I stayed on the Upper West Side in a place I’d been a handful of times before.  They gave me a nice room on a high floor.  The only problem was that the wireless net was flaky.  Eventually I pestered them about to the point that they upgraded me to a king suite with a wireless router in the room.  Flaky wireless aside, it’s so nice staying in this smaller hotel instead of the big corporate places they ordinarily book.  It’s lots closer to work, very close to the park and subway, and in a great neighborhood.
Monday and Tuesday I worked.  I interviewed 26 students at Columbia.  It was a pretty good trip, we’ll get a number of good candidates.  One of our competitor companies was also their.  I’m not exactly sure what they do, but I think it involves colorful shorts and lots of advertising revenue.
The last interview Monday was interrupted by a fire alarm.  We had to evacuate the building, so the candidate and I found a room in the faculty house across the way.  I’ve had several interviews interrupted before – once by military helicopters!  In this case, we managed to make the best of things though.
Tuesday night, I was still reeling from the effects of two things I’d done earlier.  The first was going for an early morning run in Central Park.  It was 11 degrees (-10 with the wind chill).  I think that’s the coldest weather I’ve run in.  Was not as bad as I’d feared.  I kept moving, and wore big woolen socks over my hands.  I stopped for breakfast on the way back to my room, but couldn’t get warm.  I downed two douple-espressos in hopes that this would help.  It didn’t.  I stayed cold for hours.
After showering up, I came back down and ordered one more douple-espresso to take up to Columbia with me.  They made two instead, and offered me both.  Against my better judgment, I took them and eventually drank them both.
By 11 am, I was flying.  Actually worried that I would rattle myself apart or perhaps have a cardiac event.  The rest of the day I drank lots of water as I tried (in vain) to dilute the caffeine in my bloodstream.  I don’t know when I’ve been that wired.  With the few few candidates I felt like I was jumped out of my seat at them.  Later in the day, I felt more like a rehab patient.  Fortunately, the candidates were pretty good the second day, so I didn’t get too cranky or impatient.
In the evening, I took in the Knicks game, got a late dinner, packed, and tried to settle in for some sleep.
Not happening.  I think I eventually got about two or three hours before I needed to drag my hollow self downstairs to take a cab to the airport.  Yesterday was kind of a blur.

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