like old times

Went out running with the crew at work today : Ben, Landy, Rob, and two new (to me) faces – Dave and Zhong.  It was a blast.  We did the same old loop – over the Ardmore and Tam o’ Shanter trails, and then back through some nearby neighborhoods.  I was gasping for air most of the way.  But it still felt great to be out there with friends again.

I’ve really missed the social aspect of running.  Swapping stories and giving each other grief over one thing or another.  45 mind numbing minutes on the elliptical trainer just doesn’t do the same thing for me.

Afterwards I had a bit of tenderness in my leg.  But you know – I’m just not sure what ot think about that.  I’m kind of a rolling bag of various aches and pains, due to running, lifting weights, face planting on the ski tracks, or sundry other athletic (or not) adventures.  When I was running today, my right knee and ankle were hurting part of the time, and I never blinked an eye.

So – I’m going to ignore aches that seem to come and go.  And hope that the bone scan I’m getting on my leg Friday will come up negative.  Then I can continue being a medical enigma, with some confidence that I won’t reset the clock on my leg by running hard.


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