running radioactivity

I gained some half-lives today, but just for a little while.  Got a bone scan done, to confirm or deny that I’ve got a stress fracture in my left leg.  It’s been bugging me since October.

Ironically, since scheduling the scan, my leg has felt better.  I’ve run four straight days now, and will probably come in just under 30 miles for the week.  Today’s run was squeezed between getting the radioactive injection for the bone scan, and then getting the scan.  I did between 5 1/2 and 6 miles in the Mercer Slough.  It didn’t feel like I was going especially fast, nor did it feel like I was running especially strong.  However the Eastside Runners web site claims this route is 6 miles, which would mean I ran a sub-eight minute pace, which I don’t believe.

Anyway, it was a pretty nice day out there – about 50 degrees and overcast.  It’s been eerily warm since I got back from NYC.  I shouldn’t complain about that – it just feels more like spring than winter.

I also did a pretty cruddy gym workout this morning.  I’ve been back to lifting weights about 3 times a week since the new year, and am feeling like I’m making slow progress.  This morning however was not as good as some others.  I tweaked a muscle deep in my shoulder a few weeks ago, and have not regained strength there yet.  So I’m wanting to use the machines (to prevent myself from straining any of the supporting muscles), but there are two guys parked in conversation on the decline bench machine.  I watch as they make there way through one or two sloooow sets while I pound out three of them.  They have to be resting three to four minutes between sets – what’s the point?

So I walk up, look impatient, and then ask in my most impatient voice "how many more sets do you have".  In slow motion, they say "well … I …. have … two …. and …. he … has …. one …. more".  Crud.  So I go over and use the free weights for the decline bench.  Of course by then, they’ve moved on to the next machine I want to use.  You get the idea.  And if you’re more well-adjusted than me, you notice how passive-aggressive this all is.

Really, I’m just frustrated that my neck and shoulder hurt, and that I’m having a lousy workout.

On the other hand, are there really any lousy workouts as long as you’re trying your best?


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