an early spring?

This past Saturday was sunny and unseasonably warm (about 60).  Apparently this fooled some of the bulbs in our yard into coming up a bit early.  I used the opportunity to experiment some with my 105 mm macro lens. 

For many of this first set, I used the default macro program on the camera, meaning a very narrow depth of field.  Results are below :



So – I liked these, but was a bit frustrated at how often I’d fight the narrow depth of field and the wind.  That evening, I did some more experimenting with some roses in a vase in our kitchen.  For these I went up as high as f40 – settling on f11-16 as providing the effect I wanted :

I liked the two above (f16 and f22 respectively), as the blurred outer petals frame the detail in the inner petals.  The wider depth of field allows me to see into the flower enough to make it interesting.  But – then I tried taking another picture at narrow DOF again, this time farther back :

See – I like this one too.  Given the distance to the subject, and the viewing angle, there’s enough detail in range to make the interesting too.  So what I’m learning (again) is that it’s all about composition and technique.  Which is really too bad, as it’s much easier to throw more equipment at the problem :).


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