i remain a medical mystery

I didn’t mention the results of the bone scan I got several weeks back.  Negative to a stress fracture.

Buoyed by this apparently positive assessment, I began upping my mileage without (much) reservation.  I was loving being out there, in the wind, rain, and mud.  This lasted a couple of weeks.

After spending a glorious 111 minutes bounding over the hills on Cougar Mountain 9 days ago, I came down with some all-to-familiar pain in my left leg, mostly below the knee.  So I laid off a bit.  The pain is almost always there, although usually not too bad.  The doc thinks it’s tendonitis one of the peronaeus tendons, running along the outside of the shin, and inserting into the knee.  It can take months to fully recover from this injury.  Of course I feel like I’ve already rested for months, even if resting means cross training but doing weight-bearing exercise on my legs (elliptical, step mill, recumbent bike). 

So I vascillate between wanting to blow off the doctors and avoid resetting my recovery clock.  It’s very difficult not knowing the correct course of action.

I’ve stepped up my weight training, and have done some quality aerobic workouts using my arms.  I feel stronger than I’ve been in several years.  On the other hand, I also feel like a slacker for not running marathons, or training for an endurance event.

Why can’t these things be more straightforward?


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