the little league adventure begins

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Landy asked me whether my dad and/or I might be interested in helping to coach a little league team.  It sounded like fun, so we said yes, just before finding out what kind of commitment is required.

Turns out that there’s a lot to this little league stuff.  Each manager needs to rally volunteers for things like trips to see the Seattle Mariners play, to staff the concession stand, prepare the field and umpire their home games.  It’s two practices a week, plus one game and runs from mid-April until about the time school lets out.  It’s a bit intimidating, especially after seeing how other coaches are balancing jobs, multiple kids in the program, and the rest of their lives at the same time.  It’s a lot to think about.

I don’t really know how to coach kids, nor am I necessarily any good at baseball anymore.  I think the last time I swung a bat was in a softball league game about fifteen years ago.  I suspect these smart seven year olds will notice I’m a bit rusty (incompetent).

I kind of feel like I should be spending this time in ‘spring training’ to make sure I won’t embarrass myself completely.

The girls and I spent this morning helping to prepare the fields for practices.  Rachel spent the time finding slugs with some friends, and Kayla helped clear weeds.  It was very muddy work, but a lot of fun too. 

Afterwards we went up to a sporting goods place and ordered my team shirt and got a cap.  It was a big hit, mostly because there’s a big orange bird on it.

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