our newly-minted green belt!

Last Friday, Kayla tested for her green belt in Taekwando.  As her chief instructor said, the tests are more a way for them to show what they know, as all students have been "checked off" on the belt criteria before the formal tests.  Still, it involves getting up and going through your forms, escapes, step spars, and sparring in front of a bunch of people, so we’re always impressed with the kids’ poise!

Naturally we’re proud of our daughter, because we know how hard she’s worked for this.  It’s really fun watching our kids set their sights on things and chase their dreams.  They have some help attaining their goals (as we all do), but they are the ones who really make things happen!

I took a bunch of pictures at the test.  In this first one, Kayla is going through her forms.


This one’s a bit blurrier, but Kris liked it ’cause Kayla looks BAD!

Here’s yet another of her going through her forms.


Here’s a shot of her doing step spars.


Probably the most harrowing part to watch is the sparring.  For green belt and above, this is part of the test.  The kids ‘free spar’ against people of different ages, sizes, and belt rank.  Kayla sparred with a blue belt, an adult yellow belt, and here against an advanced green belt (that’s two ranks above her).

And a last one of her sparring :

Today we got to watch Kayla receive her new belt, and certificate of promotion from her chief instructor.  She was positively beaming!

A key part of the whole experience is the high caliber of instructor.  They do a great job of challenging the kids, while keeping things positive and in perspective.


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