adventures with my five year old

Had a really nice day out with Rachel, my youngest on Saturday.  Kris and Kayla were up in Bellingham, seeing a friend act in a play, which left Rachel and I free for the day.

Rachel joined me at a little league game I was helping to coach.  She stayed with me in the dugout for a few minutes before asking to go play with her friend and read with our friend Katie.

Then we went to enjoy some tea at the a great, not well known Seattle institution, the Teahouse Kuan Yin in Wallingford.  Rachel enjoyed an herbal blend called World Peace, while I had some Matcha and then some Gyokuro.

After savoring the tea, food, and company – we went to the Aquarium for the rest of the afternoon.  Rachel especially enjoyed learning about how sea urchins will hug her finger, and sea anemones will stick to her when she touches them.  One of the docents spent some time explaining all of this to her, and encouraging her to take a look at these creatures – then she was off, sharing her new knowledge with other kids around the exhibit.

It was a powerful thing watching her do this.  I recognized how important it is to Rachel that she has something to offer or teach others.  We were having a good time before this happened, but having a great time after this happened.  We spent a while meandering by the tanks, and learning about jellyfish and octopuses.  But when she talked about what we did, it all came back to sharing what she knew about sea urchins and sea anemonies.  Magic.


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