shopping for a bike

One of the things I’ve really struggled with since being injured is the absence of fitness-related goals.  It’s hard to plan for a race when my leg hurts.  So I’ve been doing more biking and cross-training.  Cross-training is tedious (using the various machines at the gym), but biking has been kind of fun.

I’ve been riding my old Stumpjumper on the trails around here.  Nothing terribly technical, but some good mileage and good climbing.  Meanwhile with Kris’ encouragement, I’ve been shopping for a road bike.  I’ve considered a number of bikes in the $1000-$2000 range, including some made by Trek, Specialized, and Giant.  We have some great local bike shops (including Gregg’s, Redmond Cycle, and Sammamish Valley), so shopping can be kind of fun.

As I look, the discounted 2006 models disappear, and things get more expensive.  On the other hand, I’m still learning what I’m looking for, so don’t feel ready to buy.  And for this kind of money, I want to feel like I’m getting what I want.

I wasn’t too excited about the Specialized Tarmac I rode, but that may have been my inexperience riding.  Then I rode a nice Fuji Team Pro, with an Integra drive train (nice!).  Last week I rode (and really liked) a Trek 5000 with an Integra drive train.  Kris suggested I try an aluminum frame just to see whether I really preferred the more expensive carbon frame.  To that end I tried a Giant OCR1 yesterday.  Nice bike, but didn’t handle as nicely as the Trek.

I’m planning on riding an Orbea, a carbon frame Giant, and trying out the Trek again.

On the other hand, I can’t decide whether I am enjoying looking and learning too much to actually buy anything.  And who would have thought I could find a bigger money pit than photography?!

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