spring in the northwest

In the springtime, the definition of cruddy weather changes.  Gradually, it ceases to mean that it’s thirty eight and rainy.  Right now, cruddy seems to mean it’s fifty with sun breaks.  And when the weather’s good, it might be seventy and beautiful.

Last weekend, I got away for two good mtn bike rides on Tiger Mountain.  It’d been a good fourteen years since I’d done any significant amount of biking.  That was before I got the distance running bug, and I used to do one longer ride per week up in the hills above the Santa Clara Valley.  I’d hit Montebello Open Space Preserve, and ride out to Saratoga Gap.  It’d be a fair bit of singletrack, some of it fairly technical.  I was never very good on the bike, but I had fun.

Well – since I’m still not running long, and because the snow on the cross country trails is melting, I’ve dusted off my mountain bike and am rediscovering my biking muscles.

So last Friday, I did a nice out and back ride from the Tiger Mountain summit to Poo Poo Point.  Amusing name, but the point is where parasailers take flight.

The ride was great, and involved some good climbing going both ways.  It was all on logging/fire roads though.  The weather was great – probably sixty, sunny.

Then on Sunday I braved a steady rain to try a loop ride on Tiger.  NOt as much climbing, but a few detours along the way.  I also vaulted over a stump on the way back (a two  mile stretch of singletrack).  I felt completely inept, only partly in shape, and had a blast.

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