wean at any price

It was bound to happen.  Just as the Republican answer to weaning us from oil has been Nu-cue-lur energy, The Democrats were bound to come up with an ineffective, costly, populist plan of their own.

The "coal state" senators have begun a push to subsidize coal as the emergent alternative fuel.  You can read about it in Tuesday’s New York Times.  Coal is plentiful, and doesn’t require getting into bed with Islamic nations, so what’s the problem?

Well – the plan includes construction loans for coal-to-liquid plants that generate more greenhouse gasses than just about any other current alternative.  Check out this graphic.  I imagine there are those who want to press on without promoting cleaner coal processes, meaning we’d see a huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

The proposed subsidies are significantly higher than for any other alternative too.

The emergence of climate change as a political issue doesn’t mean we’re necessarily ready to embrace sensible means of alternative energy, or that we’re willing to scale back energy usage.


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