learning to whistle

This past weekend I tried to learn to whistle.  Not the wistful, melodic whistle of Gene Kelly in "Singin in the Rain" mind you.  No – this was to be a stern, traffic halting, hair raising, eardrum piercing type of whistle.

It all started when several of us were chatting at the beginning of my daughter’s sleepover party on Saturday.  The topic turned to how loud some of the Boston Red Sox fans had been at Safeco Field last week, when our friend Jackie told us how she stopped a gaggle of them dead in their tracks.  Apparently she’d learned The Whistle of Doom from someone earlier that week.  You know the one – it’s what your unfavorite uncle used to hail you from the eighth floor terrace, five blocks away.

Below, Jackie demonstrates the ‘pinch’ that helps to produce the sound.


Here, Jenny demonstrates the proper embouchure :


The effect is truly startling.  What would be even more startling would be to actually produce something more impressive than a hollow ‘whoosh’ sound that makes me dizzy.  Kris claims she’s a more accomplished ‘whoosher’ than I am, but that’s arguable.


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