happy fourth

Today was a full day, with many instances of relaxation planned.  

Kayla had sailing camp today, which seemed unusual until you consider that spending the fourth sailing is exactly what you’d want to do anyway.  Kris, Rachel, and I rode over to Sand Point on our friend Marv’s boat to pick up his daughter and Kayla.  It was a beautiful warm day, and you could see the sailboats for the camp from all the way across the lake.


It was very cool watching Kayla sail.  Something about seeing your kid master a completely new skill (that you haven’t mastered) is very affecting.  I enjoy Kayla’s new confidence and passion too, even if she’s using lots of words I don’t understand, about different types of boats, parts of boats, and puns about parts of boats.

DSC_9802 DSC_9808




After sailing, it was time to enjoy a ride back on the "Super Mable".




To top it all off, Mount Rainier was out today!


After hanging out for a while at Laurian and Marv’s house, watching the kids splash around in the lake, I hopped on my new bike and rode from Juanita up through Kenmore, south to Redmond, then home.  I found that I’d dropped by key when I got back, so I passed some time by going for a run in Bridle Trails State Park.  As fun as it sounded at the time, I think I overdid it a bit.

When I got home, all I could do was lie down.  Something about all that biking and running in 80 degree whether must’ve done me in.  Fortunately I recovered enough to eat some dinner and clean up for a party at Sinclair and Deepak’s – they had great Thai food, a water slide for the kids, and a wonderful view of the fireworks.

 All in all, a great holiday.  I need to rest before I go back to work though.

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