back in the saddle again?

… or at least back in my running shoes again.  I hope.

I did a reasonably strong 13 miles today out in the Redmond Watershed (trailmap here to compensate for the city of Redmond’s lame page).  I kept things simple, two 5 miles loops, followed by a simple 3 miles ‘lollipop’ route to round things out.  Those 5 milers run clockwise from the south parking lot up the Trillium, Pipeline, Collin Creek, and Siler’s Mill trails before returning on the Pipeline trail.  I tacked on a route up Trillium, over the Pipeline Connector, then north on the Pipeline trail as far as the Siler’s Mill Connector, before coming back on the Pipeline trail to the south parking lot.

It was a nice warm day, with surprisingly few runners on the trails.  The Seattle Prep CC team was out and running.  Other than that just a few hikers.  Maybe everyone else wised up and headed for the beaches.

Still have a bit of pain in my left leg.  I’ve been taking a prescription anti-inflammatory for about three weeks now, and ran out this morning.  I can get it refilled again, but think I’ll try going without for a few days to see how I am.

I’m going to try to fit in two or three bike workouts per weeks too now, to continue with cross-training.  Might even try a ‘tri’ next month – although I don’t feel very confident about my running speed right now.

In any case, great to get my feet on the trail again.  This is my second 20+ mile week in a row.  I’ll attempt to add miles to my long runs now to see whether I’m okay to marathon again.  I’ll try doing a 15 miler next week, and see how it feels.


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