Very very hot in Seattle today.  Particularly for Seattle.  Driving home, I heard that the temperature was 96.  I don’t know whether that was the high though.

Naturally, we decided to observe the occasion by going for a run.  At around 2:30, Ben, Rob and I set out for a nice easy run on the trails and through the neighborhoods around work.  I was glad I’d grabbed a bottle of water before going, because I needed it.  The run itself wasn’t notable.  It was very warm, but we ran slowly, even moreso when going uphill.  We ended up going about 4 1/4 miles, including a nice jaunt through Ardmore Park.  Despite the frequent griping about the heat, and the concerning shortness of breath, it was much nicer to be outside than stuck in a meeting at work.

After finishing, I went over to have a shower.  Today was a big day as both towels and hot water were available.  While dressing something completely new happened.  I went to apply deodorant, and was surprised when, upon opening it up, to feel something like very hot wax dripping down my arm, leg, and all over my clothes.  Apparently the deodorant stick melted while waiting patiently for me in the car (which is black and was parked in the sun).  Wow – that hurt.

Pretending to be unruffled by this, I splashed a bit of the molten liquid into each pit (again – ouch) and dressed.  As I walked into my next meeting I noticed a sinister looking waxy buildup on my pant leg.  If anyone noticed, they were too polite to mention it.


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