fresh legs

I spent several quality hours running 18 miles in the Redmond Watershed on Sunday.  I got off to a rocky start, feeling cruddy in the morning (not enough sleep), and setting out under a steady rain.  Things got better though.  I settled into a good, slow pace and produced some workmanlike miles.  Just what I needed!

Then Kris talked me into trying out a coached swim workout for triathletes.  Monday at 7 am found me slipping tentatively into the water for the first session.  It wasn’t pretty, but I made a little progress, and built some more confidence.  It’s a three week commitment, so we’ll see how things go.

I may have erred by following the swim workout with a circuit weight workout.  I will do 30 second sets at each station, with 30 seconds rest in between, three times around.  Ho – was I in for a surprise when I did the first set of benches!  I almost got the dumbbell back in the face I was so unsteady due to the fatigue in my arms.  I muddled through it, but it was not one of my better efforts in the weightroom.

Today I went out for what I intended as a recovery run with Dave, Rob, and a new running friend John (who brought his monster lungs and hemoglobin from Colorado).  Well – we started out reasonably enough, but pounded up the hill on 28th from 172nd and it got better from there.  We kept a nice steady pace over the Tam O Shanter trail, and up the hill on 173rd.  But I pushed hard up the hill on the Ardmore trail, and then sprinted in on the last little bit on 28th.  I think that may have been the fastest I’ve run that 5.75 mile loop, and I felt good the whole way.  I don’t know whether it’s the stretching I’m doing, or some cyclic magic, but I wish I could bottle it!

Tomorrow morning is a longer swim workout, and then a short, easy run.  I’ll do weights if I can too.


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