eyes bigger than stomach

At least when it comes to training, my ambitions may outrun actual capability,  Pressed for time this weekend, I decided to combine a swim and run workout.

I started with a 2000 yard swim at the Pro Club.  The first 1000 were doing a variety of drills I’m learning in the Triathlon Swimming class Kris recommended.  We do some pulls geared to building arm and body technique, stroke length drills, and some balance exercises.  I’m pretty inept, but am slowly building some confidence.

I followed the swimming with a quick change of clothes and set out for a run in Bridle Trails State Park.  I’d wanted to do 10 miles, but was working so hard, that I stopped at nine.  I could have done another mile, but didn’t see the point.  My leg was bothering me a bit, and my heart rate was quite elevated.  Maybe the 5 espresso shots I’d had earlier in the day had something to do with that.  Lesson learned.

I’d done a nice easy 22 mile bike ride from home over to Mercer Island Friday evening.  I’ve found a route that takes me through Medina and West Bellevue, via Evergreen Point, Beaux Arts Village, and Enatai.  It’s pretty, and hilly.  One of these days I’ll combine it with a full loop around Mercer Island to see how I fare during a longer ride (that’d approach 40 miles).

I’m planning to do the Beaver Lake Tri, but am having trouble making the commitment and actually signing up.  The crazy thing is that I’m definitely in shape and probably more prepared than in years.  Because I’m running more slowly and haven’t thought much about transitions, wet suits, proper clothing, I’m vacillating.  The right approach would be to just go out and give it a try, and not worry so much about the results.

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