eve of the race

Actually, it’s the eve of the eve of the race.  With two days to go before the Beaver Lake Sprint Tri, I did my final workout before the event.

This morning, I went for an easy run, mostly at recovery pace, while mixing in 3 minute-long accelerations.  I ran in the park near our house.  It has miles of soft dirt trails, and lots of tree cover.  Perfect for today.

After work, I took my bike out for a short loop through Houghton and around Yarrow Point.  I managed 625 ft of ascent over just 8 miles, which wasn’t particularly fast, but felt good nonetheless.

I am definitely feeling the wear and tear of heavier training than I am used to.  There’s not a lot of biking, running, swimming, or weight training each by themselves.  Taken together though, I’m not fully adjusted to the load.  When I ran this morning, I felt I didn’t have that critical top gear that gives me confidence in a race.  The same happened on the bike tonight too.

My left arm’s been bugging me for a while, so I dialed back my weight training, particularly for these next several weeks.  I’m still doing squats 2 or 3 times per week, and my legs can tell.  On the one hand, causing all of those muscle groups to fire apparently helps me running mechanics, as my tendonitis doesn’t bother me so much.  Of course doing squats causes fatigue for several days afterwards, so my running isn’t as springy as it otherwise would be.

Had some fun last weekend.  Twice.

Saturday afternoon, I ran 18.7 miles in the Redmond Watershed.  The first 13 were not too hard, but after that was a challenge.  I slogged out more than planned.  Not fast, but distance was the order of the day.

I spent Sunday morning doing a transition clinic with Dr. Tri in Seattle.  I rented a wet suit for the occasion to experience the difference when swimming in the open water with one, as well as find out what it’s like to transition with one.  We did sets of 5 min swims, 5-10 min bikes, and 5 min runs.  I did three of these, in roder to establish a rhythm. 

Swimming was fun, especially with some extra buoyancy to work with.  I’m still pretty spastic when swimming in open water though.  My sighting skills are poor, and I do not breathe easily as I have trouble relaxing.

Anyway – three times through was a good number for me.  I began to feel more confident, and managed some fairly quick transitions (1-2 min from swim to bike, 35-75 sec from bike to run).  I really should make two lists for the race, so I don’t forget something important.  The first time going from bike to run, I forgot to pick up my water.  That’s not a big problem in a sprint, but sure would be a bummer in a longer event.

This week was supposed to be low-key, but didn’t feel that way.  I effectively did an Olympic distance brick on Monday – swimming 2000 yards, biking 30 miles midday, then running 5 miles in the late afternoon.  I’ve been tired since, although it felt okay at the time.  I’ve run some junk miles since, but resting is key now.

I’m still not feeling very organized about my training.  That’s supposed to be part of the fun, because I’m still viewing it as an experiment.  Of course, type-A people have trouble detaching like that.  It’s a control issue :).


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