day-of-race + 1

Yesterday morning I did the Beaver Lake Sprint Tri, my first triathlon in fourteen years. 

For the past decade and a half, I’d smugly proclaimed myself "too lazy to train for more than one event", and focused on marathons and halfs.  Eventually too much running took its toll, and I faced a choice between continuing my boring cross-training regimen in the gym, or getting outside and having some fun.


During the month leading up to the race I went up to 30 miles on the bike, 18 running, and about 2200 years swimming.  In terms of distance, that was more than was required.  Naturally, during the race I learned some things about training quality that may help next time.

The short version is this : I finished and was pretty happy with my effort.  I need to work on my transitions (probably gave away 2 min yesterday!).  And I’d definitely improve my running and biking with some hill and speed work.  I did surprisingly well in the swim, well in the bike, and okay in the run. 

The numbers work out like this :

overall : 1:31:47 (138th of 453 overall, 21st of 47 in age div
swim : 7:50 (108th overall)
t1 : 3:29
bike : 45:10 (145th overall)
t2 : 1:43 (149th overall for t1, t2)
run : 33:34 (136th overall)

bike1  - cropped bike2 - cropped run1 - cropped run2 - cropped

I could talk about the event itself, how I felt during the swim, plodding up the 2 mile-long hill on my bike, gritting my teeth when I got a stitch 3 miles into the run.  But doing that seems pointless, unless there’s something to learn or impart from the experience.  And the thing I learned from the experience is how much fun participating is. 

Owing to some expert advice, and support from Kris, things went pretty well.  The highlight of the day for me was that Kris and the kids were working at the finish.  I felt really proud of them supporting the event.  Without volunteers, there are no races.

DSCN0498 DSCN0499 DSCN0506 DSCN0507

I’m thinking hard about doing the Black Hills Tri in a couple of weeks, mostly to further the experiment.


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