gotta run fast to run faster

Yesterday morning I shook the cobwebs out with a challenging track workout, courtesy of the Eastside Runners.  I did 5 sets of 400/200 meter repeats on a local junior high school track.  I didn’t make it to the track for the first two, so I improvised, running 2 minute and 1 minute fast repeats instead.  Well – fast may be an overstatement – I felt like I was running in slow motion.

But, here’s the magic of a tough workout.  Unless there’s specific pain or injury involved, working hard is a great way to shake the doldrums loose.  By the end of the third 200, I’d hit a decent rhythm, and was even exceeding my time goal by a bit.  I managed a consistent sub-1:35 for the 400s, and 0:42 for the 200s.  Now that’s not going to break any speed records anyplace, but it’s consistent with a 3:50 marathon plan, and it made me feel pretty good.


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