goings on at the cabin – ahem “lake home”

Friday we set out midmorning to visit Kris’ Aunt Rose, who lives near Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  We had a very nice visit with her.  She’s a lively person, who always has something nice to say about our kids.  We had a nice visit, even though we all nearly busted our guts with the ginormous portions at Perkins’ Restaurant.  Holy cow – eggs, pancakes, and potatoes, all on the same plate!  And that was just what Kayla got.

After lunch, we headed north to the Solem lake home, about 80 minutes south of Duluth-Superior.  Friday night was low-key … dinner, then bed for the kids.  It was oddly quiet up at the lake.  Possibly this has something to do with the very low water level.  The weather was just about perfect though : warm, but not too warm, and the bugs were not bad at all.

Saturday we played in the water most of the day.  Uncle John gave lessons on how to pilot a swamped canoe back to shore, and Eric and Kayla went for a short solo paddle (first time without an adult piloting).

The time right around dusk was beautiful.  The lake was almost like glass, and there was a bit of color in the sky.


We snapped some pictures as the moon came up, and then went inside for cards and reading.


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