our social climber

Rachel likes to climb things.  This includes people, furniture, cars, or pretty much anything.  As a toddler, she managed to catapult out of her crib, earlier than we’d anticipated.  Gray hairs ensue.  Many of them.

Today we’d gone canoeing over at the UW Waterfront Activity Center.  We had a blast slaloming under the freeway, and paddling through the Arboretum, even stopping to pick some nice blackberries.  Afterwards we had a little time to kill, and the kids asked if they could try out the climbing wall.

Understand that this is possibly the least comfortable place for me to take my kids.  Chances are they’ll do fine, but I’m a different story.  Don’t like heights, you know.

Both kids tried climbing a little, but didn’t get too far.  Kris gave it a try with the same result, but I suspect it had something to do with her having run 18 miles this morning.

DSC_2631 DSC_2633

So I’m starting to look at my watch, and am just about to suggest getting into the car and heading to dinner.

Then a dad and two kids set up a rope going up the ‘easy’ wall.  Rachel decides to give it a try, and before we know it, she’s up at the top. 


Well – no big deal, she got up there and just has to climb back down right?  It works the same with cats in trees sometimes too.  But after a bit of encouragement, she swings her legs over the wall, and starts to walk down backwards, leaning back just like you’re supposed to.

DSC_2652 DSC_2654 DSC_2659

I was proud.  Mostly.  The other part of me was fearful.  But it was great seeing her do this, especially as it’s something I might not have done myself.


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