hitting the trail

I did a great run with some of my Eastside Runner friends yesterday morning out at Cougar Mountain.

The weather was perfect (about 50), and the course was challenging, whatever it was.  I say that because it’s sort of tradition that ESR gets lost when running at Cougar.  It apparently began several years back when a group of runners got lost enough to have to call for a ride.  My own contribution to this dubious tradition is getting pretty lost the previous two times I’d run out there.  During one of those runs I took another runner with me, resulting in twice as long a workout as planned.

Yesterday I set out with a group of folks wanting to do about 10 miles.  My friend Nina and I broke off from the crowd about 45 minutes in, and ended up on the De Leo Wall trail.  This is supposed to be one of the more challenging stretches on the mountain, and it did not disappoint!  Nina and I didn’t get lost, although that was due largely to the fact that she was in charge.  We finished with a mighty uphill push up the Cave Hole trail, climbing about 500 feet in about 0.6 miles.

This was one of the more satisfying runs I’ve done in a while.  While not the longest, I enjoyed the surroundings and the company a great deal.

Capped the morning off with a nice breakfast at Julia in Issaquah too.


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