catching up

Well – it’s been a very busy couple of months since I’ve posted anything.  Initially, my excuse was that I was working on my race report for the Marine Corps Marathon (end of October).  Then the weeks stretched on, and I had to acknowledge that I’d just run out of things to say.

Some friends are asking how it took me so long to catch on to this.  Actually, we’ve been very busy indeed.

Just before we flew to DC to do the marathon, our house was burglarized.  Even more scary was that Kris and Rachel heard the creeps leaving via the back door.  Definitely unsettling.  Fortunately we can replace what we lost.

Then our remodel plans (long in the works) were thrown into chaos by some nearby development.  Here’s hoping we can work with the local community to get some regulations governing mega-houses.  Energy inefficient living pods lined up in a row, without regard for the character of the community.  I have no idea who buys these things, or why they buy them.  Apparently they’re lucrative though, which makes things all the more annoying.

Kris has officially signed up for Ironman Arizona next autumn.  It’s gonna be interesting balancing our training needs, but I’m definitely proud of her.

Finished up work for the year today, and am looking forward to some time off.  Of course, I’ll still need to run a couple of interview loops, hustle up developers for a couple of pending projects, and get ready for reviews, so it’s more like I’ll work from home a bit rather than check out completely.

I am hoping to get in some XC skiing over the next couple of weeks, and play with my new camera.  But then Kris showed me what the calendar looks like – doesn’t include a bunch of down time.

Hey – maybe I should sit down and write the family holiday letter rather than ramble and complain here …


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