nearly-annual birthday run

I like to celebrate my birthday each year by running up Mount Si.  It’s a small mountain, but a challenging run, located about 40 minutes from home.

Amazingly, most friends seem to have plans that involve being with family, or attending to last-minute preparations for Christmas, so are not able to make the slog up Mount Si on the morning of Christmas Eve.

It’d be nice to have company, but sometimes it’s better to go it alone too.  I don’t typically ‘train’ for this run.  I don gloves and hat, grab some sport drink, head out and do my best.  This year’s edition involved a bit of walking for the last mile or so up to the top.  There was a lot of snow for this stretch too.  It was slippery enough up there to turn around a bit shy of the top.  Ordinarily I’d feel like this was cheating myself of that final five minutes of challenge.  This year I was just happy not to fall off.  There was more snow that I’d ever seen on the mountain.

I was the only person I saw dumb enough to wear shorts.  The only other runner I met was doubling up!  She’s training for Western States, and made the trip a good bit faster than me.  She also didn’t chance the slippery final stretch to the top.

So – I didn’t set any speed records, and my quads are burning two days later.  But even despite the walking, there’s something about making this run each year that makes me feed good.  It’s a great way to observe a prime number birthday!

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