need a vacation after the vacation

I took a couple of weeks off around the holidays, but the first half wasn’t really that relaxing (lots going on around here, related to our house).  On the positive side, being totally distracted kept me from getting burned out on Christmas before it happened.


I did enjoy the time with my family.  My brother came up from SF for a few days.  My parents treated us to a great dinner out one night, and it was a lot of fun.  Christmas was nice, capped by a dinner at my parents’.


But – the week after Christmas, the girls and I went up to Leavenworth and enjoyed the snow a bit.  We’ve done this for the past four years, usually just 2-3 days, but it’s great.  We got a bit of cross-country skiing in, which is always fun.  Both girls have done this before.  This year, Rachel really started to glide along enough to have some fun.  I was careful to stop while it was still fun, but am hoping we can go up to the mountains at least a couple more times this winter.  We also got to try out the snowshoes we got for Christmas.


There was a lot of snow.  At one point, the kids tried to dig down until they hit dirt.  I think they gave up.

So we’d spend the day playing outside, and after dinner we’d head over to the hot pool and soak for a while.  From time to time we’d get out into the cold and make a snow angel (this is tradition).

The only bad thing about the trip was getting to and from the snow.  Usually it’s about two hours.  This time it took five hours each way, due to bad weather and accidents.  An important experience for any dad is getting stuck in traffic for a couple of hours and having their daughter need to use the restroom.  Miles from anywhere (and with nobody moving), you offer to escort her out to a nice, private snowbank.  Okay – she doesn’t want anything to do with that, but you reason a bit.

I won’t tell the end of the story, but suffice to say this situation is easier with boys.

I spent the remainder of my time off playing around with my camera, and with imaging software.  That’s an entirely different post though.


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