new york, NY

So last week, I was in New York for work.  I flew in for the weekend, did some sightseeing and visited with family in the area.

It’s funny – although I’ve not lived in New York since I was nine, I feel a sense of ‘home’ going back there.  That usually lasts until I’m trying to hail a cab in freezing weather though.

This time, I stayed down in lower Manhattan for the first time.  On Saturday I walked around a lot and took pictures.  I visited St. Paul’s Chapel and Trinity Church, both near the World Trade Center site.  This is the churchyard at St Paul’s, looking out towards the WTC site :

I’d not been to "ground zero" since October of 2001, when the WTC ruins were still smoldering.  Now it looks like any other huge construction site.

Back to the churches though – these are real treasures.  They’re great for taking pictures, because there’s so much to them, and because the light’s so great.  Here are some handheld, natural light photos taken inside of them :

Dating from the mid 19th century, they’re a look back to a day when there were no skyscrapers.  Here’s a look down Wall Street at Trinity :

After that, I continued on towards the Woolworth Building :

Along the way, I snapped some street scenes, and some pictures that emphasize the great architecture and geometry of the buildings :

I walked up past Mulberry Row, and through Chinatown to the Lower East Side and the Tenement Museum.  Some of these "tenements", or apartment buildings date from just after the Civil War.  Finally, I ducked into a small restaurant to grab some lunch.  The interior of this place was great for trying out my new-ish 12-24 mm lens !

I brought the 12-24 and my 18-200 mm lens on this trip, leaving my nicer 70-200 VR f2.8 and 50 mm f1.4 at home.  This was kind of a tough decision, but I wanted to try taking Ken Rockwell‘s advice to schlep along less.  It worked out great.

On Sunday, my cousin Sandy picked me up and we drove to visit her brother and his family up in Connecticut.  Mostly we hung out, and visited, and then went to watch their son play basketball.  This was a very nice, low-key day.

I took in two shows while in the city too.  November is a political farce starring Nathan Lane and Laurie Metcalf.  This was light, pretty funny, not a classic, but definitely worth the half-price ticket I bought (front row!).  the other show I saw was the revival of Pinter’s The Homecoming.  This was not light, but excellent, and definitely a classic.

An interesting footnote to sightseeing was running into Curly Neal and "Sweet Lou" Dunbar of the Harlem Globetrotters in a deli near Times Square.  Despite approaching 174 years old, Curly still looks the same.

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